Inflation Instructions

1. Unpack the inflatable paddle board from its storage bag and lay it flat on a stable surface, making sure that there are no sharp objects nearby that could damage the board.

2. Locate the valve on the board. It should be a small, round opening with a screw-on cap.

3. Remove the screw-on cap from the valve, make sure valve is in the closed position and air is not coming out, if air is coming out, turn small red button in a counter clockwise motion, when ready attach the pump nozzle to the valve.

4. Begin inflating the board by pumping air into it using the pump. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to use the pump correctly.

5. Continue pumping air into the board until it reaches the recommended pressure level. You should feel the board become firm to the touch.

6. Once the board is fully inflated, remove the pump nozzle from the valve and replace the screw-on cap.

7. Inspect the board for any signs of damage or leaks. If you notice any punctures or holes, use the repair kit to patch them up.

8. You're ready to go! Attach the fins and the leash to the board, put on your life jacket, and you're all set to hit the water.



Deflation Instructions

After using your paddle board, it's important to rinse it with fresh water to remove any salt, sand, or debris that may have accumulated on the surface. Use a hose or bucket of water to thoroughly rinse the board and then dry it with a towel.


1. Remove the fins from the bottom of the board.

2. Press down on red release valve for 10 seconds to burp the board before fully opening air release valve. Once burped, turn the red valve stem and press in.

3. Wait for the air to fully escape from the board, and then starting at the nose, opposite of the valve. Fold the board 3 inches then continuing to roll as tight as you can, pressing out all the air, until reaching the valve.

4. Close the red valve stem by pressing in and turning counter clockwise. Replace valve cap.

5. Place rolled up paddle board in storage bag.